Medical CPA Firm in Tampa

Medical CPA's We make sure our Medical and healthcare clients have the financial services they need so they can continue with patient-focused, day-to-day activities. We consult on all aspects of running your business with the goal of enhancing efficiency and profitability. Further, we guarantee timely, affordable, quality services and useful, progressive guidance to help you keep your business competitive in the challenging world of healthcare services.

Our Expertise

Hallmark CPA Group LLC understands the environment in which professionals

in the healthcare industry operate. Our dynamic and uncertain economy creates a host of challenges involving heightened regulatory environment, complex payment systems, costing methods, financial management, gain sharing, compensation planning and retention of key personnel.

These challenges require proactive business solutions by experts who have mastered the issues. At Hallmark CPA Group LLC , we have developed expertise to assist our healthcare clients in the following areas, in addition to our traditional

accounting, tax and consulting services:

  • Financial reporting
  • Developing Key Performance Indicators “KPIs”
  • Overhead assessment
  • Internal controls assessment
  • Revenue cycle improvement
  • QuickBooks setup
  • Financing alternatives
  • Human resources and benefits consulting
  • Strategic planning
  • Pre-merger due diligence
  • Business valuation
  • Compensation strategies
  • Third party reimbursement

WE are dedicated to the medical profession and you can view our profile on Accountants.MD